Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gout Treatments News

Sorry for the delay in posting lately. It has been a very busy summer. I am getting ready to teach an EMS class in the evenings and have been busy preparing for my lessons, plus summer is the busy season for my area as I live in a tourist area. Our population triples in the summer.

The purpose of this website is to bring you information on different types of gout treatments while mostly focusing on natural remedies and therapies. I ran across an alarming news article. Seeing how a few of my readers are from New Zealand I thought I would mention the article.

According to this article in the New Zealand Times,which you can see here, gout is on the rapid rise among certain ethnic groups in New Zealand. Ultimately, the article comes down to the conclusion the problem is dietary with a lack of exercise. As we've discussed in the past, the average gout patient eats an unhealthy diet and lacks exercise, so a warning should go out to all of us who have this disease.

The article goes into the very basics of what causes gout, the problems associated with gout, such as debilitating joints and having to miss work. Many of the workers in question lost their jobs due to missing work. Another problem was lack of education among those who had the disease, to include the fact they had gout, what caused it, and possible treatments.

Gout can be overcome as the article states, and we have quite a few gout remedies on this site. Please browse around and look at the natural gout treatments we have mentioned. Also, feel free to mention this site to those you know have gout.

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