Monday, April 14, 2008

3 Gout Treatments That Improve Your Overall Health

Three Gout Treatments That Improve Your Health

Most gout sufferers who are experiencing the painful symptoms of an acute attack always seem to look for effective gout treatments once it's too late and the attack has already begun. The best way to establish effective gout treatments is to stop an attack before it has a chance to start.

Obesity is one of the main common factors for those suffering from gout. Therefore it makes sense that in order to stop these attacks or at least lessen their occurrence we should strive for gout treatments and therapies that improve our overall health and well being. Not to mention, getting rid of obesity will lead to overall better health. Below are three key elements that must be included in any successful gout treatments program.

1. Weight Loss

As was mentioned earlier, obesity is one of the main factors in those who have gout. Thus one of the most effective gout treatments for gout sufferers is to lose weight. Those who successfully decrease their weight to a healthy level help themselves immensely in the fight to overcome painful attacks.

Losing weight and keeping it off leads to long-term gout relief. While this is probably the most important step in the list of effective gout treatments, moderation is absolutely imperative! Losing weight too fast has all kinds of unhealthy side effects including very painful gout attacks, the very thing we are trying to avoid. When you drop the pounds in a speedy manner you increase your uric acid levels thus making sure you have an appointment with a painful gout attack in the near future. Going too quickly and getting a painful attack will knock you backwards in your gout treatments program and also make it more likely that you will gain your weight back.

What is a good guideline for you to take in losing this weight. Most experts say you can safely lose up to 3-4 pounds a week. Gout treatments are more effective when you have a modest goal of one pound a week. This way you will go slowly, which has a couple of positive side effects. Going slowly reduces the likelihood of increasing your uric acid levels and will increase the likelihood of you staying on the road to long-term weight loss. Not too mention the other benefits of lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower risk of diabetes, and heart disease. While most of us like to have instant success, imagine losing 52 pounds in one year. At the end of the year, I don't think most people would be upset with being able to say they accomplished that kind of feat and it is possible.

2. Proper Hydration

Another significant part of a strong gout treatments program is to properly hydrate yourself. Hydration therapies should be part of your short term and long term gout treatments program. Dehydration is a huge problem among Americans and can lead to many unhealthy problems, most of which are similar to those dealing with obesity. If you need to lose weight, chances are you are dehydrated. Having enough water helps your cells function properly and helps keep high uric acid levels at bay and helps you lose weight, so you get a double benefit. Not only that, drinking plenty of water helps to flush your kidneys which will help to lower uric acid levels to a normal level. Not to mention being hydrated gives you the feeling of being full which will help you reduce your daily caloric intake.

Gout Treatments are enhanced since drinking enough water leads to proper hydration. Proper hydration therapies include more than just drinking-10 glasses of water a day. One of these therapies would be eating water dense foods such as watermelon. For example, eating a normal sized piece of watermelon is equal to one glass of water. Also, eating watermelon with the seeds helps neutralize uric acid, thus helping to give you gout relief and is one of many gout treatments and remedies you can use.

3. Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition helps make the other two options for gout treatments possible. Without a proper nutrition plan, losing weight and keeping hydrated will be very hard to achieve. One way to helping with proper nutrition is to avoid gout foods. Avoiding foods that cause gout will be the source of another article. High purine foods tend to be higher in fat content or have empty calories. For instance, eating a burger and fries with a soda not only increases your uric acid levels, they increase weight gain and dehydration. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables help you lose pounds, stay hydrated, and either decrease or offset your uric acid levels.

Losing weight, staying hydrated, and eating properly are critical to having a successful gout treatments plan that will not only help you overcome this painful disease, but will also be effective in improving your overall health.

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