Monday, April 28, 2008

Herbal Gout Treatments|Celery Seed Extract

Herbal Gout Treatments that Reduce Inflammation

A great way to reduce inflammation when you are having a gout attack is to use herbal gout treatments. An increasingly popular herbal remedy is celery seed. Celery seed is a wonderful antidote in that it is like a multi-pronged attack on this painful disease. On the one hand, it decreases swelling in your joints. On the other, it helps your renal system (i.e. your kidneys) get rid of uric acid through urination while also alkalizing your blood. Celery seed is a diuretic and therefore helps to increase the pace at which your uric acid is flushed from the body.

Celery seed is a good option instead of using NSAIDs. Studies have revealed that every day use of NSAIDs raise the risk of not only liver damage, but also raise the risk of having a heart attack. This potent herb is a diuretic, so you need to have the proper intake of water. We've already discussed in an earlier post that water is one of the most important remedies in helping to cure gout, and it needs to be a major component of your gout treatments program.

Celery seed is sometimes used as a spice in foods, but otherwise, I suggest taking celery seed as an extract. The seeds are bitter when eaten by themselves as I found out during an attempt to find relief during a gout episode a few years ago, so stick with the supplements.

Two Important Notes about Celery Seed Extract

One serious problem with this herb is for those with allergies to celery. Just as with peanuts, celery seed contains oils that are extremely likely to create anaphalaxis (severe allergic reaction). This can be deadly! My intent is not to frighten you from using celery seed extract, but DO NOT use this remedy if you have these conditions.

Another concern is that even though the majority of people with gout are men, women can have gout. Pregnant women should not take celery seed, whether in a spice or extract form. Properties in the seeds stimulate the uterus, thereby increasing the potential for miscarriage or premature birth.

Recommended Daily Dosage

How much should you take of this supplement? Two tests were used to check the effectiveness of celery seed against gout and in those tests the usage was 30mg and 75mg a day. Both had improvement of symptoms. Some naturopathic physicians have suggested using 150mg a day.

If you are tired of cherry juice or some of the other methods you use to get rid of gout and would like to try something new, this may help you. I have used it, and it does help with gout. Celery seed is just one of several excellent herbal gout remedies.

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