Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gout Treatments: Why Weight Loss Should Be Your #1 Goal

Making Weight Loss Your Primary Gout Treatments Method

In our last post on how to get rid of gout, we saw how improving your overall health will help reduce or even eliminate future attacks. Since most gout patients tend to be overweight, one of the most important gout treatments therapies should be to lose weight.

So how does one go about losing weight. The internet, tv, and magazines are filled with gimmicks, fads, and often fraudulent claims on how you can lose weight quickly. If you are prone to gout pain, avoid the quick methods of weight loss. You may lose weight quickly, but at what expense?

Moderation is the Key

Shedding the pounds too quickly is very counterproductive. First of all, you usually lose mostly water weight and muscle. Very little fat is lost. Secondly, by losing weight quickly your body usually rejects your efforts making it less likely you will continue.

As far as gout is concerned, losing weight too fast can be painful. When you get rid of excess baggage you not only don't usually lose fat, you also increase the percentage of uric acid in your body. Since you've lost water weight, the uric acid is more likely to crystallize and you tend to get painful gout attacks.

Also, since you are not properly hydrated due to the lost water weight, your kidneys have to work harder to excrete the excess uric acid making effective treatment of your symptoms of gout even harder than if you had kept the excess weight on.

Go slowly and choose your diet wisely

Losing those extra pounds slowly will not only increase the chances you will keep the weight off, you will be more likely to lose the fat versus muscle and water. Your kidneys will thank you as processing the uric acid will be much easier. Your joints will thank you as the uric acid will not overwhelm them, and you will thank yourself by avoiding gout pain.

Recommended diet

Multitudes of diets exist and results widely vary. The best remedies should include lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats. One of the best choices is the Mediterranean Diet. Click on the link for good information about the healthy Mediterranean weight loss diet and how it compares to other diets.

If you are serious about getting rid of gout and you are overweight, losing weight must be one of the key remedies of your gout treatments program.

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